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SP Senior Leader Azam Khan Allegedly Made Derogatory Remarks Against Jaya Prada

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SP Senior Leader Azam Khan Allegedly Made Derogatory Remarks Against Jaya Prada

admin1 April 15, 2019

The battle of words between the leaders of the general election is ongoing. In the first phase, polling for 91 parliamentary seats will be held in the remaining 452 seats till May 19. In UP, the highest of 80 seats is in seven stages. The party that has the most seats here is power at the center. In the last election, the BJP has won 73 seats with its ally. However, the SP-BSP has formed a coalition in the current election and the UPA is in the fray. Former MP Jayaprada, who recently joined the BJP, is contesting from Rampur for the party. In the past, she has won from the Samajwadi Party as her MP. However, this time the party’s senior leader Azam Khan is in the fray. Both of them are criticizing each other. If one is worried about each other, Azam Khan’s comments have been made.

Azam Khan said in the election campaign Sunday that he had taken Jaya Prada Rampur in the past and had taken care of her body. And that’s why people know how to save her. It was 17 years since she realized that she was real, but Jayaprada kicked the nicker about 17 days ago.

The BJP candidate who went to a temple in Delhi, told the media after the posting of Danavudu, said that he should go to Rampur to end there .. Danavudu means that he understands our Hindu friends ask the demons .. I’m killing so that you can kill me 150 bullets for my heart. Not to send the outside but kill him I’m giving her a chance. There are many senior leaders including SP chief Akhilesh Yadav.

Azam Khan’s comments are being taken seriously, National Women’s Commission chairperson Rekha Sharma said. He said that his words were insulting and he would send his notices and we would like to announce that the contest will be disqualified. BJP spokesperson Chandramohan in the Rampur Lok Sabha also blamed Azam Khan’s remarks. It was the ego for the decline of Assam and the anger of such people was to support Akhilesh and Mayawati. To complain about this and to make such remarks in the presence of Akhilesh, he demanded that he be politicized. And it’s a very serious issue, and it’s a question of how to speak of women’s dignity.

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