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Steel fence instead of the wall

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Steel fence instead of the wall

admin1 January 7, 2019

US President Donald Trump has been stepped back to construct wall in the Mexican border. Trump mechanism has decided to establish a solid fence with steel instead of the wall. This was revealed by President Trump. Trump revealed that his administration and the Democratic Party are discussing the American partial shutdown. Soon the problem is solved. Trump’s insistence on accepting a monetary exchange bill if it is funding the building of the wall on the border with Mexico. That is why partial shutdown is continuing because the Democratic leaders did not agree.In this regard, the Democratic leaders are also persistent and the Trump is a bit of a silence to end the shutdown. “We are currently planning a steel fence instead of the concrete wall on the border. It is strong and prevents immigration. This is a good solution. The steel fence is made in the United States, “Trump said. The decision was taken by the US Vice President Mike Pence after talks with several key Democratic leaders. Trump said that the meeting with the Democrats was successful. He said many things about border protection were discussed. Many people have taken the view of the steel fence as well. Democrats do not like concrete wall construction, hence the steel fence will be built. Trump believes that the steel fence is more expensive than the concrete wall, but it’s pretty cool.

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