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Suspicions on the death of the Beautician Jyoti.


Suspicions on the death of the Beautician Jyoti.

admin1 April 17, 2018

The police found that a three-year-old love affair between the beautician Jyoti and a young man named Sandeep. Jyoti (20) is working in a beauty parlor in Lingampalli area. However, when she was approaching the Mylaram Railway station, she lost her life on train and raided her.

Police suspected that the case was registered and some other cases were identified. Sandeep, who had come to the place where Jyoti was dead, has been missing for three years between Jyoti and Sandeep. Besides Sandeep’s cellphone switches, police are suspicious of him. Meanwhile, a post-mortem was held for the body of Jyoti at Wickramabad Hospital. She was found dead after she had a strong head injury.

But … is accidental falling from the jail train? Railway police are investigating deeply in the sense that someone has been tortured. The case is likely to be further probe into the case of her lover Sandeep.

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