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“Taj Mahal is to be renamed ..”


“Taj Mahal is to be renamed ..”

admin1 June 11, 2018

The BJP’s MLA, Surendra Singh, who is in the news with regular and controversial remarks, had a major controversy over the Taj Mahal. Furthermore, the demand for renovation of roads, memorials and monumental structures during the Muslim kings. He also suggested that Taj Mahal could be named “Ram Mahal” or “Krishna Mahal” … if he is called ‘Rashtrabhakt Mahal’. The name of the Victoria Palace in Kolkata is also to be renamed ‘Janaki Palace’.
Speaking from Balia in UP, Surendra Singh told the media today: “Do not reduce their respect for Muslim kings because they are built using Indian resources. How are names given to the resources and lands used here? Their names must be changed, “he said. His recent remarks to bribe the officials of the bribe are also sensational.
There are already many controversies on Taj Mahal. BJP MP Vinay Katiyar had earlier demanded that the Taj Mahal be changed to Teja Mahal. Katiyar alleges that the Mughal King Shah Jahan Shiva Temple was demolished by the Taj Mahal in the area. His remarks on the killing of Taj Mahal were a bit too bad.

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