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TDP MP Takes It Easy RGV Joker Comment!

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TDP MP Takes It Easy RGV Joker Comment!

admin1 February 12, 2018

Maverick film director Ram Gopal Varma, known for his controversial and stinging comments at others, has stirred the political circles with his pot shots at Telugu Desam Party MPs for enacting a high drama in Parliament over the raw deal meted out to Andhra Pradesh in union budget.

Controversial remarks of Ram Gopal Varma over the kind of protests staged by TDP MPs in Parliament during budget session grabbed the attention of people. The Ruling Party reacted on the insulting comments before it’s too late.

Varma particularly targeted TDP MP from Chittoor Dr N Siva Prasad, who tried to catch the attention of the national media and other party MPs by sporting different make-up like Narada, snake charmer and Potharaju etc in the Parliament premises.

While responding on ‘Joker’ comment, TDP MP Siva Prasad made it clear views expressed by RGV won’t be taken seriously. He adds, ‘Varma keeps making objectionable comments as he craves for publicity. It’s unfair to made such remarks when we are fighting for the self respect of Telugu People. We brought the promises made by BJP during 2014 Elections to the notice of people across the nation. MPs of other parties have been extending support to us. There is no damage even if we are projected as jokers’.

Another TDP MP K Rammohan Naidu was playing the dholak along with Siva Prasad. Perhaps, their theatrics seem to have irritated Varma.

Siva Prasad protested in get-ups such as Narada, Snake Charmer and Pothuraju during budget session. Sharing one of the pictures of TDP MPs protest, Varma described them as jokers who are a national embarrassment to the international reputation of TDP. He claims to be not wondering why Modi thinks AP is joke after watching them.

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