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Telangana elections in November: KCR


Telangana elections in November: KCR

admin1 September 6, 2018

Chief Minister KCR has made it clear that elections will be held in Telangana with four states. The election process will begin in October and end in November. “We are going to start election campaign from Husnababad in the status of TRS president. You all know that good time can be a good thing. Being bad at bad times. The new moon is coming on 9. Friday 7th is a very nice day. One Assembly is also starting. Then the forefathers are coming .. They are not considered good days. So this program must end all.

The elections are also coming as soon as possible. There are speculation in the media. No confusion required. Elections must be conducted according to the constitution. There are a number of Supreme Court judgments that should be carried out as soon as possible. No one needs confusion. According to my knowledge in the first week of October, the electoral process begins and the notification comes in elections in November. Election results will be announced in the first week of December. The media has made a lot of effort but some things are not known. I spoke to the Central Chief Electoral Officer and the other two Commissioners. Not ashamed. CS eskejosi, also said the state government adviser rajivsarma. All things are discussed fairly. The state government has also been prepared for it. All procedures have been made according to the method. Candidates are also good at their work. According to the accuracy of our information, elections will be held in all the four states in Telangana. There will be a phased polling in three states, and in Madhya Pradesh only two phases will be polled, “KCR said.

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