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Telangana MLA Quota MLC Elections Polling To Be Started Today

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Telangana MLA Quota MLC Elections Polling To Be Started Today

admin1 March 12, 2019

The polling for the MLA’s quota MLC in Telangana will begin at 9 am on Tuesday. The notification was announced in all five locations, TRS four and MIM competed to one place. The Congress announced that it had boycotted the election day before the polling day. From 9 am to 4 pm, polling is to be held. After the counting, the results will be announced. CM KCR suggested to the party MLAs that the Congress should not take the election away from the council election and take care of the elections carefully.

On Monday, the MLAs were asked to legislators to vote and vote. Mock polling and how to vote and what factors should be taken into consideration. KCR said he should not make mistakes during the polling. MIM candidate Mirza Riazul Hassan Efendi also attended the TRS LP meeting. TRS MLAs invited him to coordinate with him because he had to vote for him. In addition to TRS candidates, Efendi was introduced to the CM meeting.

The MLC has handed over the election responsibilities to ministers. For each candidate, the two districts of the district decided to cast votes. Afterwards the sample polling was conducted. Polling has been counted by counting votes for 20 per candidate. On Tuesday morning, the sample polling was held. The ministers have arranged a feast for the MLAs on Monday night, according to KCR.

On the other hand, TPCC president Uttamkumar Reddy criticized KCR. The election of the elders in the assembly was sorely worse than the village level. Speaker and deputy speaker of the Congress said that the party has been supportive and supported unanimity. The Congress has 19 MLAs and two TDP MLAs in alliance with the strength of 21 legislators in the council election. The TRS had four MLAs, including MIM, with a fifth candidate and called for a mocking of democracy.

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