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Telangana to secure all clearances for Kaleswaram by December

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Telangana to secure all clearances for Kaleswaram by December

admin1 November 23, 2017

Final clearances for the prestigious Kaleswaram lift irrigation project are expected in a month. This was disclosed by irrigation minister T Harish Rao after meeting Union ministers in Delhi on Wednesday. He met water resources minister Nitin Gadkari and presented the status report of the project and sought the Centre’s intervention for a speedy resolution of all pending approvals. Later, Harish met Union environment minister Harshvardhan and explained the need for an early clearance from the ministry.

“The Kaleswaram project has already received stage -1 clearance from the environment ministry. It has also received 12 different approvals from the Central Water Commission. Now, we need to get the stage-2 as well as eight other approvals from CWC. From state government’s side we have submitted all required data to the concerned departments and awaiting final clearance,” Harish Rao told TOIfrom New Delhi. Among clearances the project received are one from the central ground water department and another from construction machinery consultancy directorate.
The irrigation minister brought the peaceful public hearing on Kaleswaram project, a mandatory procedure for its environmental clearance that concluded recently, to the notice of the union minister. “The response was overwhelmingly in support of the project in as many as 15 districts including four places where the hearing was held. The exercise was extended to Maharashtra, an upper riparian state of Godavari river, by conducting public hearing in a few places including Gadchiroli. People including leaders of different opposition parties have interacted directly with the project proponents and endorsed their support for the project”, said Harish Rao. Later the minister met union science and technology minister YS Chowdary

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