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Tension in Sabarimala ..


Tension in Sabarimala ..

admin1 November 6, 2018

Tuesday morning at the famous Sabarimala temple in Kerala, there was a lot of tension. Concerns were raised in the temple surroundings, as one woman approached the 18 gold stairs which are considered the most sacred in the temple. However, the woman stopped her protesters from going to the stairs. Clashes erupted with this incident. In the fight against the cameraman of a media company,

The police found that the woman was fine. She did not believe that she was more than 50 years old. She claims she is lying. The authorities rushed to the police camp after she could not enter. The lady showed Aadhaar card to the police to ensure her age. She was 52 years old, police said. Strangers learned the matter and allowed her to apologize and then into the church.

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