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The emotion of the Chief Minister

Andhra pradesh

The emotion of the Chief Minister

admin1 March 14, 2018

Amravati: He has always been so emotionally embarrassed. Eyes are wet. The throat trembled. The speech continued with speech. At the end of the day … the guarantees given why the guarantees do not run the center. He said that Telugu would build an international capital city for the state to be proud of. This incident took place when Chief Minister Chandrababu spoke in the Assembly on Tuesday afternoon special items and divisional legislation and the implementation of the central government’s assurances. Explaining how much cooperation has been received from the center and what is going to come from the center … When the capital Amravati came to the construction, the Chief Minister struck. He did not help the center of the capital, but expressed his disappointment that he was ridiculing his commitment to build an international city. “The farmers were given voluntary donations of Rs 40,000 crore worth of land. What have we done to be responsible governments? That’s what I’m asking. That’s where I’m feeling. The center says Rs 2500 crore has been given to the capital. Guntur and Vijayawada have been given Rs 500 crore. I am giving you just Rs 1500 crore for the capital, “he said. He mentioned the speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the foundation stone of the capital. The Prime Minister said that the Government of Andhra Pradesh had come to give confidence to the people and that the division of the law should not be eradicated and that all of its issues will be implemented and the Government of India will remain. Chandrababu-Narendra Modi said that he would put all of them into practice and trust him. The Chief Minister said he was asking if he did what he said.

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