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The rupee fell to the lowest level

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The rupee fell to the lowest level

admin1 May 7, 2018

MUMBAI: The rupee has fallen sharply in the market. The rupee is trading at 67.13 against the dollar today, surpassing its 67-mark today. This is the lowest level in February 2017. The rupee depreciation of the US dollar and the sharp rise in international crude oil prices, forex advisory firm IFA Global said. The rupee was trading at 66.86 on Friday. On the other hand, the dollar’s value is breaking the highest levels of December. Dollar value rose to 92.609 in dollar compared to the six Majicer currencies.

And international crude oil prices are hitting the highest levels in three years. This situation has been the reason for the global supply of supplies. Oil prices are more than $ 75 per barrel for geopolitical concerns between US and Iran. The rupee is falling. On the other hand, the electoral effect of the Karnataka elections is also on the rupee. Elections will be held on Saturday and the results will be announced next Tuesday. Forex Advisory said the rupee is currently trading between 66.73 and 67.10 per dollar. In the early trading, the rupee was at Rs 67.085. Currently it’s trading at 67.13.

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