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The world is out of the nuclear disaster: trump

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The world is out of the nuclear disaster: trump

admin1 June 14, 2018

According to US President Donald Trump, the world has emerged from a nuclear disaster due to its unexpected conflict with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Trump thanked Kim for the first courageous step to provide a new, bright future to the people of Korea. There is evidence that the real transformation is possible between the first time. In response to this, Twitter was coming to Singapore from Singapore after talks. “There are no rocket launches, nuclear tests, nuclear research. The hostages will return to their families again. Thanks Kim …! We will stay in the history of the day we met. ” “North Korea will not be able to abandon nuclear weapons and promote trade relations with the world. Kim will be the leader who provided security and prosperity to the people of their country. My Singapore tour is really amazing, “Trump explained. Reaffirming that anyone can make war and that only the most courageous can achieve peace. American Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo went to Seoul to explain South Korea’s relationship with Trump and Kims. Since then he has reached Beijing and summarizes the Chinese leadership.

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