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The world’s biggest superstar


The world’s biggest superstar

admin1 March 14, 2018

Aamir Khan is the world’s biggest superstar That’s what movie analysts say. Aamir is very popular with both the most populous nations in India and China, and in recent times, he has shown proof that the films in the two countries are likely to perceive that. Aamir’s last films ‘Dangal’ in China amounted to Rs 1,908 crores, Secret Superstar Rs 874 crores and peak Rs 831 crores. Thus Aamir is the most popular Chinese film actor in China. Aamir responded by asking him to be the biggest superstar in the world. “Most prominent actors in China and India are approaching an audience of nearly three hundred thousand people. That is half of the world’s population. Westerners can not overtake us in this matter, “Aamir said. Referring to her reception in China, she said, “I have got a craze in China. Most people do not know that I have fans in China with ‘Three Idiots’. The film was not released there but they reached through piracy. I think the way the education system is discussed in the film. ‘Peke’ and the TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ that love has grown even more. When Dangal is released, they are well aware of my performance, “said Aamir.

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