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Then America .. Australia Now


Then America .. Australia Now

admin1 March 14, 2018

MUMBAI: America is once an institution for higher education and employment opportunities. Many of us have to go to America for higher education and employment. Then there’s no barriers to going to America. But things changed after Trump’s presidency. Now there are visa rules, the number of visas issued to our students this time means how hard the immigration policy is. According to figures released by the US government, the number of visas issued to individuals in different countries fell from 5.02 lakh in 2016 to 161 percent in September 30, 2017. In 2016, 65,257 Indian students were issued visas and the number was reduced to 47,302 by 2017.

By September 30, 2017, visas related to the F1 category for the 3.93 lakh students worldwide and their family members (spouses and children) were granted visas. Of these, 68 per cent belong to Asia. Of them, 40 per cent are from India and China. In 2017, 2.86 lakh visas were issued to Asian countries. It has decreased by 20 percent compared to 2016.

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