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This Telangana Town Sings National Anthem Every Morning

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This Telangana Town Sings National Anthem Every Morning

admin1 September 8, 2017

Setting a patriotic example, the residents of Jammikunta town in Karimnagar district of Telangana comes to a standstill at 8 AM every day as National Anthem plays out. People not just stop and salute the Tricolour but also sing the national anthem.

The Jammikunta police started this noble initiative on August 15, and it was welcomed by the locals. 16 loudspeakers have been deployed at major junctions in Jammikunta town to play the national anthem across the town. All the systems are connected with the police command and control centre. From school-going kids to elderly people, irrespective of caste, creed they belong to, everyone stops by to pay their tribute to the national anthem.

The local CI said he had decided to start the practice after learning about younger generation not realizing the importance of the national anthem. He added that the initiative is not merely meant to instill patriotism among people, but it is also to promote harmony. Besides police, some volunteers give training to citizens on properly respecting the national anthem.

Local residents say that they look forward to sing the National Anthem every morning thereby showing gratitude to their motherland. They congratulate the police for coming up with the initiative.

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