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Three-Day Air Show Kicks Off In Vijayawada

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Three-Day Air Show Kicks Off In Vijayawada

admin1 November 24, 2018

Powerboat Racing Success Josh, the Navyandra capital of Amaravati, hosts another international level event. Another mega event ‘Amaravati Air Show -2018’ on Krishna River in Vijayawada has started Friday. The first day’s captain, Captain McFarlis, impressed with the flare-ups of the fleet. If the global stars are staring at the airbag in the air show, the spectacular sweeping strokes of the Punnamy Ghat in Krishnadevu to see them.

The planes take off from Gannavaram Air Port are passing through the Holy Confluence of Krishnanadi. Loop display, quarter closure, wing over, loop rolling right up and down, slanted Cuban, 270 degrees turn, barrel roll, loop in swan formatting. Visitors stare at the stunts in the sky. The barrels rolls seemed to be advertised as the planes were coming from the sky to the river.

Air Show is not just .. Boat stunts are set up for visitors. Speedboards after the Air Show were in the Krishnanadhi. The stunts made with water pressure boats were impressed by the impression that the water pumped into turbocharged water pressure. The jet skiing water bike ride of the tourist department was also wow. The air show will be visible till 25th of this month. The two days are the weekend. Officials estimate the visitor’s rise.

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