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To Be On Time, Rajini Books Spl Flight For Hyd

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To Be On Time, Rajini Books Spl Flight For Hyd

admin1 November 26, 2018

Ace director Shankar and Superstar Rajinikanth are supposed to attend a press conference in Hyderabad today and interact with media persons as part of the promotions of 2.0 that is releasing on 29th November.

However, due to some technical issues, the flight that was supposed to take Shankar and Rajini from Chennai to Hyderabad got delayed.

Whilst the film’s antagonist and Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is on time and already arrived in Hyderabad, Rajini and Shankar has decided to book a special charter flight to come to Hyd on time.

Rajini and Shankar are usually punctual, discipline and don’t want to miss the timeline. Hence, Rajini and Shankar have immediately booked a special flight to reach Hyderabad. That’s Rajinikanth for you folks!

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