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TRS Leader Brutally Murdered In Vikarabad District

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TRS Leader Brutally Murdered In Vikarabad District

admin1 November 6, 2018

The murder of TRS leader in Vikarabad district has been a miscarriage. Narayana Reddy of Sultanpur was beaten by the opponents. In the past few days the TRS leader has a dispute between another community in the village. In the meantime, Narayana Reddy joined the Congress. This led to further confrontation between the two groups.

On Tuesday morning, Narayana Reddy’s rivals led the way. Sticks and stones attacked him. He was seriously wounded and died on the spot. The Narayana Reddy faction scares the scene. The Congress leader was responsible for the killing and attacked another person with Subhash Chandra Reddy. Two of the seriously injured were taken to the hospital.

This murdered, sultanpur with the invasion of the tense atmosphere. Assuming that there was a threat to the two sides, the police carefully deployed in the village. The locals are shaking with the tension of what will happen.

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