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Trump restrictions .. Putin’s warning

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Trump restrictions .. Putin’s warning

admin1 April 16, 2018

Russia has issued serious warnings in the face of US steps to impose restrictions on its allies. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who will not be able to visit Syria once again, warns that there will be serious consequences if the steps of the superstructure are on the side.

Speaking on phone with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani over the consequences of Syria, Putin seems to have discussed primarily on the decision of sanctions. “Putin-Rouhani believes that western nations’ attacks on Syria are disrupting peace talks. The two leaders believe that if the restrictions are breaching the UN Charter, the United States will have to face a hostile international disagreement. Putin is demanding immediate withdrawal of US sanctions, “the Kremlin (Russian Presidential Palace) issued a statement on Sunday.

However, the US does not seem to reduce the restrictions. Nicky Haley, the US ambassador to the United States, said they had restricted the sanctions imposed on chemical weapons suppliers of Syria (including the main allegation of Russian origin). However, the number of casualties in the DuMa town on April 7 fell to a tens of thousands (the figure was not clear). The Syrian President Bashar al-Asad was behind the incident and the US-France-UK forces attacked the city of Damascus on Saturday, alleging chemical weapons. In this context, the actions of the US have been condemned by Russia and its allies.

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