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Trump to participate in Diwali celebrations


Trump to participate in Diwali celebrations

admin1 November 9, 2018

The Donald Trump will celebrate Diwali in America next week. White House officials said he will be participating in the celebrations held at his office in Oval Office (Oval Office) Tuesday. Trump and his wife Melania Trump have congratulated all Indian Americans who celebrate Diwali in the day before the festival. They said the friendship between India and America reflected the celebration of these lamps. The Diwali ceremony will be held next week, including Indian Americans in various capacities in the government and other senior officials and representatives of the public.

Last year, Trump celebrated Diwali celebration. Trump said, “We recognize the services of Indian Americans to our country. There are many victories for our country. We have a lot of role in the progress that we have in other sectors like business, services, education and research, “Trump said.

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