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UN foul over Facebook


UN foul over Facebook

admin1 March 13, 2018

Geneva: The International Human Rights Association has condemned the way Facebook handled the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. It has been blamed for the use of Facebook as a bridge of hate campaign against royalty. Marjuki Darusman, chairman of the International True Verbs Committee in Myanmar, said that social media has decided the situation. At that time, social media in Myanmar was a Facebook and Facebook social media. The 65,000 personnel were shifted to Bangladesh in August last year due to security forces attacks, and in such circumstances the company did not take any action to remove the content that is spreading to Facebook against Rohingaglass.

The panel also observed that Facebook, once a very useful Facebook user, has now become a giant. Facebook propaganda was responsible for attacks in Myanmar. Facebook has contributed to the spread of hate speech. Myanmar said he was a live witness to military attacks on royals. Facebook has not responded to such news in the past and has not made any statement on the latest controversy.

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