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Vijay Mallya’s sensational tweet.

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Vijay Mallya’s sensational tweet.

admin1 December 6, 2018

After the success of the officers of the main accused in the Augusta Westland Bundestag Christian Mitchell, India is now all over the world’s leading Liker businessman Vijay Mallya. Today, he once again responded to Twitter with criticism from Mallya saying that the UAE government had handed Michelle to the Indian government. Michelle’s attempt to mention his name, attempted to say that he had nothing to do with his compromise offer.”I do not understand how the critics are attending the offer I made for my compromise or the decision of Dubai’s delegation. This is my appeal wherever I am physically. “Please take money”. Let me show you as a thief. I want to block these allegations … “Vijay Mallya tweeted.He said he would pay the ‘original’ amount of Rs 5,500 crore taken from Indian banks for Kingfisher Airlines … and he requested a series of tweets yesterday. The London Court will finalize its decision on December 10, the Indian government’s plea to send Mallya under the Financial Crimes Agreement. Mallya seems to feel compelled to compromise with the government before the court decides.

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