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We wants good relationships with Pak: the trump

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We wants good relationships with Pak: the trump

admin1 January 3, 2019

US President Donald Trump said they wanted “great relationships” with Pakistan. The Pakistani Prime Minister, who has recently taken over, said he will soon meet. The comments were made at the meeting with Trump’s cabinet colleagues. At the same meeting, he made a decision to end Pakistan’s $ 1.3 billion military aid. The decision was taken as Pakistan was sheltering terrorists. They want to have good relations with the Pak, but they are hiding the enemy. Trump said he was eager to meet Pakistani President. Their administration said that peace talks were started with the Taliban.

In a recent interview to the South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, ‘CNN’, who is close to the trump, said that if the Pakistani Taliban could be brought to negotiations, US intolerance would focus on the Islamic State. Another Republican Senator has said that Pakistan should cooperate with the US in order to bring the Taliban to peace talks to end Afghanistan.

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