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What is worrying Spyder Producers?

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What is worrying Spyder Producers?

admin1 September 14, 2017

Right from the teaser to its songs, the constant complaint that is heard about Mahesh Babu’s Spyder among most of Telugus is that the film has “Tamil” falvour. However, here is the twist.

The makers are not worried about this at all and in fact, much confident that this would not be a major problem with the local audience. But what is worrying them instead is Tamil audience who allegedly have more regional feeling.

As already revealed, the entire story of the film is set in Hyderabad. Even Tamil and Malayalam versions has the same Hyderabad backdrop. Now, the producers are apparently little worried about this fact rather than the “Tamil’ flavour talk in Telugu areas. Although Lyca is releasing the film, the original produces seem to have entered into MG (minimum guarantee) agreement.

Even the makers have planned a massive release across the US and Rest of India. While the Telugu version will be released in over 260 locations in 600-plus screens, the Tamil version is expected to release in about 150-plus locations. This is said to be second-biggest release for an Indian film in overseas.

The situation is no different in domestic area. Since Murugudoss directed it, there is reasonably good expectation in Telugu. So on the whole, producers are keeping their fingers crossed.

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