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Whatsapp deleted 1.3 lakh accounts


Whatsapp deleted 1.3 lakh accounts

admin1 January 10, 2019

Whatsapp removed the 1.3 lakh accounts in their app for sharing child pornography pictures. These measures were taken at the request of security agencies and voluntary organizations in various countries including India. Because of the encryption process, the third person will not be able to identify what’s in Whatsapp’s messages. However, other information about user profile pictures, group profile pictures, and groups may not be encrypted. Based on these, Whatsapp recognizes those who abuse the app through artificial intelligence (AAI) technology. Google recently removed 85 offensive apps from PlayStore, the Android platform for the Android. They have been placed in the PlayStore with TV remote control and games names. While the apple is the most beneficial way to keep it, they control the smartphone. Many people downloaded the ‘Easy Universal TV Remote’.

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