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Why Cyclone Phethai Making Landfall For Two Times

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Why Cyclone Phethai Making Landfall For Two Times

admin1 December 18, 2018

Usually when the cyclone are formed in the ocean, they strike the territory of the coastal area. We travel a little bit on the surface of the earth and weaken it. But, the Pytho storm has changed the direction and turns the coast twice. On Monday afternoon, the Phethai Storm, which hit the coast near Katrinekona, East Godavari district crossed the Yanam-Kakinada coast. Phethai, who changed the direction after crossing the shore, landed back into the sea. Again on Monday night 9P.M, the second time at Thuni was overwhelmed by surprise.

It actually weakens after the storm crosses the coast. Everything is considered as well as in the case of Phethai. But soon after the coast, it changed direction and entered the West Bank of Bay of Bengal on Yanam. From there we traveled northward to the north and weakened in the morning and concentrated near Kakinada on Monday evening. Moving to the north-east, crossing the coast for the second time at Thuni on Monday night. According to weather experts, a single storm will rarely hit the ground twice. Experts say that the coastline has a tilt in the area beyond the Phethai coast, and the storm has changed its direction faster.

Scientists have also commented that such things would happen after decades. A cyclone ex-employee said one of the consequences would have occurred after the storms turned off after the storm surge after the surface winds in December. This happened in the 70s, “said an official of the Visakhapatnam Storm Warning Center. In some special situations, the same storm surpasses the coast twice, as well as the recent arrival of Phethai, which is responsible for geographical conditions.

Kakinada crossed the Phethai shore – said Yanam landed in the shape of the ‘U’ in the shape of the sea and went back into the ocean. According to the Hyderabad Meteorological Department officials, the cyclone in the area goes on the same route and goes back to the sea and after a short distance, weakened heavily into the river and crossed the coast once again.

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