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Why Sunil to Focus On Hari Teja?

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Why Sunil to Focus On Hari Teja?

admin1 September 13, 2017

Actor Sunil is going to entertain in Bigg Boss Telugu. Sunil will be stepping into the Bigg Boss show as a guest and would soon be flying off to Pune for to participate in the show.

Apparently, Sunil has prepared a lot to enthrall the Bigg Boss contestants as well as the viewers of the show. Well-known for his punch liners, Sunil wants to generate more humour and thus promote his film Ungarala Rambabu.

Interestingly, Bigg Boss Telugu’s main contestant Hari Teja, who is a strong contender for the title, has acted in a nice role in the film and she doesn’t know that her film is releasing this Friday.

Sunil seems to have decided to do some nice tasks with Hari Teja and needless to say that this would be instant hit and further boost the TRPs. Star Maa would also be planning to air nice promos of Sunil in the Bigg Boss house.

As Ungarala Rambabu is all set for 15th release, Sunil is hoping that his presence in Bigg Boss would help the film. Kranthi Madhav, of Malli Mallai Idi Rani Roju fame, has directed the film. So, let’s wait and see how far Bigg Boss would help Ungarala Rambabu.

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