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Wonderful than expected

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Wonderful than expected

admin1 June 12, 2018

The whole world has come as much anticipated day. A historic event between America and North Koreans has been discovered. A key meeting was held between the Presidents. The most remarkable and rare occasion was the Caféella Hotel in Singapore. US President Donald Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-un have been interviewed for about 38 minutes. Subsequently, they held bilateral talks with their diplomats. The meeting was held as a major agenda for the establishment of nuclear weapons and peace in the Korean Peninsula.

The most important factor in this meeting was the information that came up with. The US said it would guarantee security of North Korea if it agreed to nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula. The two leaders expressed confidence that this would be a positive result.

This meeting with Kim Trump mentioned ‘Very Very Good’. Expressed hope that this meeting will be successful. “This meeting was very positive. I think this meeting has been astonishingly better than everyone expected. There was a lot of progress through this meeting, “Trump said. Kim believes that this meeting will be useful for peace establishment. After a lot of hurdles, this Singapore meeting has come to an end and said that many of the questions and speculations have surpassed this meeting.

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