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YCP Seniors’ Class to Jagan!

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YCP Seniors’ Class to Jagan!

admin1 August 2, 2017

Have the seniors in YSRC party taken a ‘subtle class’ to party chief YS Jagan over political strategist Prashant Kishore’s methodology? Buzz in YCP circles conveys so.

It is known that Jagan hired Prashant Kishore’s services in his bid to win the 2019 Assembly elections in AP. Prashant has already commenced the groundwork and has reportedly been suggesting a few key changes to Jagan. So far, it looks okay. But, the turmoil erupted inside the party as the strategist, who is a complete outsider, started dictating terms to party leaders, say reports.

Since Jagan is confident of Prashant’s acumen in etching successful election campaigns, there is nothing wrong in implementing his suggestions. And, it would be good for the integrity of his party if he conveys the suggestions of Kishore to his party men as his instructions instead of letting the Bihar man dictate terms. YCP leaders are reportedly miffed with Kishore directly passing orders to them.

During the recent party meet, seniors have reportedly subtly conveyed the same thing to Jagan. He was said to be shocked to receive that kind of response from his party leaders. Now, Jagan is said to be breaking his head over how to pull things together as party leaders are getting miffed if Kishore runs the show whereas the Bihar man’s first condition to come on board is, ‘complete control’.

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