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Youngistaan Movie Review

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Youngistaan Movie Review

admin1 April 11, 2014

Youngistaan Movie Review

Movie : Youngistaan
Star Cast: Jackky Bhagnani, Neha Sharma, Farooque Shaikh, Boman Irani
Director: Syed Ahmad Afzal

Story :

Youngistaan Movie Review‘Youngistaan’ begins off promisingly as a fish-out-of-water funny about a untroubled, 28-year-old who is tossed into the unpleasant globe of state policies when, after the loss of lifestyle of his dad, he’s roped in to substitute him as Primary Reverend. Providing up his comfortable lifestyle in Seattle, Abhimanyu (Jackky Bhagnani) hesitantly goes to Delhi and actions into his father’s footwear, originally struggling his way through method. But it’s his live-in sweetheart Anwita (Neha Sharma) who’s having a more complicated time modifying to the changes.

Youngistaan Movie Details

The movie reduces between the younger partners’ connection as it’s examined by Abhimanyu’s new place, and his identified take care of to create a beneficial distinction as a innovator while nevertheless experiencing stage of resistance within his own celebration.

Some of these concepts might have proved helpful if the composing wasn’t so surface-level, and if the two primary delivers could act. But Jackky Bhagnani, despite his truthfulness, has accurately two expression, and Neha Sharma’s personality comes off as a crying, self-centered nag. Only the delayed Farooque Shaikh, enjoying Abhimanyu’s supportive PA, and a kind of surrogate mother or dad, results in an impact. By the end, Youngistaan spirals into an pit of foreseeable planning, as Abhimanyu understands the techniques of how to be successful in state policies. It’s all needlessly expanded out, and director Syed Ahmad Afzal delivers nothing by way of unique therapy or even extreme quality.

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