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Ys Jagan Attack Case: Police Identifies Large Amount In Accused Srinivas Bank Accounts

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Ys Jagan Attack Case: Police Identifies Large Amount In Accused Srinivas Bank Accounts

admin1 October 30, 2018

The police focussed on key points in the murder case against YCP chief Jagan. The money was found in a bank account of the accused Srinivasa Rao. Who is the person who deposited 40 Thousand money in that account? The police are investigating why he was dead. In the past few days, the accused Srinivasa Rao came to the aid of the money spent. The money is being investigated in the sense of how this money is. Is Srinivasa Rao secretly conducting bank accounts? The topic is being asked. The accused has admitted to the murder and does not disclose other issues.

In a calendar of data analysis, Srinivasa Rao spoke about 10,000 calls in a year. One of them was identified with more than a hundred people. Who has often spoken to him? What is the summary of these conversations? YCP who works in the office, “KK” as saying that more than vyaktitonu police interrogated him on Monday. The three young men working in the restaurant along with him also felt that they were talking to Srinivasa Rao.

The police have searched the bank accounts of the accused and his family members. Sreenivasa Rao’s brother Subbarao has identified Rs. 80 Thousand for Andhra Bank account. This cash is identified by the interest payer by the merchant. Srinivasa Rao’s father Jani Palli Tatarao was granted a loan of Rs 2 lakh while so far up to Rs.1.15 lakh bills, housing officials said. His friends Mellam Raju, Mellam Prabhakar, Madeela Prakash and Pudidindhi Durga Prasad were remanded on Monday by the police. The family members once again questioned.

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